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Please note: On Hill Events allows racers to Self Manage their own race data up to a certain deadline. If the reason you are trying to reach us is to do one of the following please click on a button below. We offer most services for free if done within the deadline listed.

Also we ask that you use the CONTACT ON HILL EVENTS form below if possible for basic race questions requiring follow up. You can email us however if you use the form below it will help expedite your reply and help us track it. We are happy to be accessible anyway possible but the form helps us organize our emails to serve you more effectively.

Self Management Tool Buttons




Resend Confirmation Email

No Deadline


Receive Email Confirmation Again

Print Confirmation

No Deadline


See Printable Confirmation Online

Button Text

3 Days Prior


10% Registration Fees Returned on your credit for Referrals if used in this system

Edit Registration

3 Days Prior


Change things like Shirt Size, Contact Data, Etc

Change Categories

3 Days Prior


Change Distances Up or Down. Fees will not be refunded on going down. Going Up may increase.

Defer Registration

15 Days Prior $15 Racers may defer their registration fees to an On Hill Events race if done prior to 15 Days prior to the race you originally registered. The cost to do this is a $15 deferral fee and future race must be no more than 13 months from the original registration race date. No refunds on registration fees for any reason.  

Sell Registration

3 Days Prior $0 Sell your registration to another racer. You can exchange the money on your own or via RaceEntry

Verify Registration

No Deadline $0 Are you not sure if your registration went through or if you are registered click here.
Volunteer No Deadline $50 Credit Earn credits towards future On Hill Events races. We send out data 5 Days prior so try to sign up well prior to then so you know when to help.
Shopping Cart 10 Days Prior Varies You can buy extra shirts, hats or other swag for this race after the time of registration but no less than 10 days prior to the race.

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